Thursday, May 2, 2013


Initiative for a Fair Voting Paper Ballots.

This following initiative can be filed in any city county or state with ballot initiative rights to create what many call "transparency" in voting but I could jokingly more correctly refer to as "opaque", where people can have a fair voting system with paper ballots and fair voting laws for independent candidates. The plan to put this on the ballot in Arizona and other states. A group the Verified Voting Foundation is proposing this bill for legislative vote, as you know Activism Truth proposes that legislative votes are weaker that direct citizen initiative however, lobbying groups are great resources for the Activism Truth movement to find legislation for the people to put on the ballot using our critical mass organization method. Please join the network of activist minded people who agree to either sign petitions or circulate them so that we can reach a critical mass of voters that can achieve ballot access, allowing citizens to vote on the issue at the ballot directly. Please subscribe to this blog or any other social media tools we utilize to distribute information about the "Activism Truth" movement. Thank you for reading. This information can help save the world. If you don't understand how important this is, please investigate more or contact us directly with any questions you have. It's most crucial you realize what the concept of "permanent ballot access" entails, and how your participation of being aware of the solutions and making a pledge to get involved is the only way the citizens of the United States of America or any other nation in the world can achieve true checks and balances on corruption in government. Either the government is self regulating, and we have all seen how that has turned out for us, or "we the people" create a strong enough "citizenry" with solidarity for Transpartisan reform to improve our government institutions, and we participate in creating the government with the best direct methods possible with the ballot access process.

The long term plan of Activism Truth is to create a Quorum of experts and public debate to bring ideas forward to find ways to improve the bill for the desired results that the bills are designed to create. This way, people can benefit from the concepts of the bill, without having a weak bill that would have unintended consequences. Here is the bill for the Verified Voting Bill.